The following lists should assist you in determining what are considered emergency items and non-emergency items.  Phone numbers of contact people are also included with these lists.  Residents are required to immediately request emergency maintenance for the following: 

Emergency Items  
  1. A burst or leaking hot water.
  2. Main Sewer or commode overflowing.
  3. Smoke Detector or Carbon Monoxide Alarm going off and resident cant reset.  
  4. No Heat in your apartment when outside temperature is below 50.  
  5. Refrigerator has stopped working and it will be more than 24 hours before the housing authority reopens.  
  6. No water or electricity in apartment.
  7. Smell gas. (See Natural Gas Safety below).
  8. Exposed electrical wiring. 
  9. Request by law enforcement or emergency services.

Residents may request after hours emergency maintenance for the following:

  1. Resident locked out of apartment (you will be charged).

Any unforeseen problem that Management or the Maintenance Mechanic considers an emergency situation would require after hours emergency response.


EFFECTIVE 2/1/2020

Unauthorized Pet Discovery
Parking in Yard$10
Smoke alarm or Carbon Monoxide Detector disabled.
Unlock Door During Work Hours
Unlock Door After Hours
Change Locks During Work Hours
Change Locks After Hours
Key Replacement
Hauling trash off from apartment
(This is NOT the weekly trash pickup)



4x4 or Smaller$20
Greater than 4x4, Less than 12x12$35
Greater than 12x12, Less than 1/2 Sheet$50
Full Sheet$75